Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bolt Action Photos.

Was going to do a photo report on the various Bolt Action WW2 games I have been playing but the usual thing happened - as the game hotted up I forgot to take photos ! . Here we see 'A' playing a master stroke as we battle for the control of the radio station in the middle of the board .

The table from my side , the bomb craters are Warhammer 40K moon craters - the building by 4Ground excellent and prepainted but a swine to put together !

My American Airborne MMG opens fire !.

And the Light Howitzer as well !.

The German Fallschirmjager sensibly take cover .

German snipers and F.A.O. hid in the destroyed house.

German Fallschirmjager MMG hide in the edge of a wood - but have been fired upon and have received 2 pin markers which hampers their ability to carry out orders and hit successfully .

A German squad moves across a corn field to take cover by the hedge line .

But are spotted and strafed by American air power .

One of the problems with photographing WW2 is that the figures are so camouflaged that they disappear into the scenery . This squad has a 'Run' order on their dice .

I'm afraid the above photos are a bit mixed up and are from several different games . I am enjoying the 'Bolt Action' rules - simple to play and very handy for soloing as the unit dice are drawn randomly from the bag , I've been playing the scenarios from the rule book which last 6 moves (50%chance of a 7th move) have a definite objective and victory conditions and so give a quick satisfying game.

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