Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bolt Action - First Units

Got my camera working again and these are my first unit of German Paratroopers . The figures are 28mm and by Warlord . I always find painting figures with camouflage difficult , it's more a question of giving the right impression than being to accurate and there is always the danger the colours blend in together to just give a khaki blob !. Painting the 18th Century is much easier !.

I thought the Americans would be easier - no camo ! , in fact I found them harder to do !. Getting the right shade of paint was hard - Vallejo don't do the exact shade and the painting guide I used suggested mixing colours - which I think I got wrong ! , far to dark - I re-coated them with base paint and tried again , I looked at various colour photos on Google Images and found them all different ! . The trouble with camouflage colours are that they react to light and no two photos match ! , in the end I picked a shade of Khaki that looked about right and went with that !.   

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