Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Comte De Fru-Fru's coach is ready !

I have finally got the coach and horses painted , was a bit stumped as to what colour scheme to do so had a look at various 'Google' images of coaches and came up with the above one - sort of 'Lord Mayor of London meets Cinderella . The coach is made by Irregular in their 42mm range.

The Comte is very pleased with the finished result and his friend Voltaire is enthusiastic (and secretly hopes he will get a ride in it )

I hope to cast up a couple of suitable figures to add to it as footmen .

Voltaire's  manservant 'Wee Jockie' (late of the Royal Ecosse Reg.) has his own opinion of the coach ! .
* it is magnificent but it is not war - having only 'Del Boy's' grasp of French I find it annoying when people put French quotes without a translation.


  1. Love it! I hope to add something similar in 28-30mm to my own collection at some point.

    Best Regards,


  2. C'est incroyable! (It's beyond belief!)

  3. Great coach, nice colour scheme

  4. Tasteful, man - tasteful. Maybe we need to know a little more about the relationship between the Comte and Voltaire?

    1. History is a bit vague on their relationship - purely platonic I'm sure !