Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Clash In The 'Valley of the Kings'. (Part 2)

The Treborian 'Hussars of Excellence drive the Haraboan Lancers back once more .

But as the Lancers retire the Hussars come under fire from the Ferraro Rochain artillery - here we see the blast circle devise deployed to see who might be a casualty.

The Treborian artillery struggle with the boggy ground and are slow getting into position .

But when they do !

The effects are alarming ! . The new improved matchstick shells are a great improvement ! .

On the other flank the Ferraro Rochain reserve infantry face off the Alicia Dragoons who have dismounted and deployed in skirmish order .

The Ferraro Rochain artillery retire down the road covered by the Lancers .

The final positions of the troops . I had decided to play eight moves and it was a marginal victory to the Treborian forces . However reinforcements for both sides are moving up so hostilities may continue in the morning .

The Treborian Commander Gen. D' Laye  meets the English tourist party and promises his protection and to arrange transport for them , their 'steam coach' having been damaged in the action . We will follow the next phase of this action in the near future .


  1. In the words of Desaix, "this battle is lost but there is time to win another!"

    Great stuff!

  2. Gripping stuff...nice to see these figures in action again.

    1. Yes it has been a while since I used them, great to get finished projects out and play with them, Tony

  3. Trebor-ian troops were a tiny bit stronger; whereas Ferraro Rochain troops started to melt away in the heat of battle ....

    great game !

  4. Ah you spoil us with this game ambassador!

  5. Love the look and very entertaining. Marvelous!