Thursday, 1 December 2016

Painting Up Odds and Sods.

It's that time of year when I try to clear up the backlog of things to paint, worthy things that have been based up and undercoated but past over and pushed back in the 'to paint' queue when a more interesting thing comes along . I've had these objective markers for 'Songs Of Blades And Heroes' (SOBAH) ready for painting for about three months and so I thought it was time to get them done.

They are resin pieces mounted on round MDF bases , think I bought them from 'The Dice Bag Lady' .

Guarded by a fierce Gorgon (?) , a plastic Reaper 'Bones' figure,  again undercoated about last Easter.

And finally some 10mm American buildings for my AWI project , which have been waiting for over a year ( I hate painting scenery).

I had the pleasure of 'S's company this morning and apart from gossiping and drinking tea we played a rousing game of SOBAH's , for the possession of the treasure in the Wizard's tower.

Didn't get to take any more photos as I had my hands full as 'S' proceeded to slaughter my Gael warband with his Orcs and claim victory.


  1. Nice figures and painting.... I have the same problem with terrain...just hate painting it.

    1. I like it when it's done - but not doing it ! , Tony