Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas Goodies.

Well I've weathered Christmas - had a grand time in Derby with my wife's sisters and families , lots of food, drink and joviality . I got mainly 'useful' presents such as new walking boots ,tee shirts , socks etc . I did however purchase the above rules for myself - they are the 'Arthurian' version of Songs Of Blades And Heroes and they may be the way to get my 28mm figures employed , I'll hopefully get around to reading them this weekend .

The other thing was a  total self indulgence ! - 'Mars Attack' - it was on offer at half price from 'Mantic Games' (£24) - so I couldn't resist it ! . I have had a quick look through the rules which look fun and simple , so I can't wait to have a go with it .

The game is based on the 1996 Sci-Fi comedy film by Tim Burton (which got mixed reviews , but I though  not bad )which took as it's inspiration the 1960's bubble gum collectible cards.

I can remember collecting these whilst at my Secondary School - you know the sort of thing - you got a chunk of hideously pink bubble gum and about three card (think there was about fifty in the series) which you had to swap with your mates to get a full set .

The big selling point to us lads was the graphic violence , however the school banded the cards as too horrific - (remember dear readers this was another age) and all cards found in school were confiscated, so trading of them had to be done off campus . I don't think I ever got the full set . I'm not sure if I'll bother to paint the figures , but will get some photos of them to put on the blog soon . 


  1. A Merry Christmas Tony- lots of goodies there with the Arthurian Game and Mars Attacks- well done indeed! Look forward to seeing some close up pictures of the figures on offer. Regards. KEV.

    1. Hope you had a good one too, when everything gets back to normality I can start gaming and painting again , Tony