Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Playsheet for 'Close Wars'.

Hope this makes sense - not a lot to them .


  1. Finally!!
    No more paging through the book trying to find a specific rule.

  2. Stuart Asquiths "Comfortable Wargaming" is also worth a look. There was an article by him in Battlegames using a French and Indian War scenario. All heart warming stuff.Thanks.

  3. I love these rules and they have formed the basis of most of my battles for over thirty plus years being so simple, then you can just mash up other Featherstone period rules as needed. You can see how these extras occasionally sneak in on my Man of TIN blog.
    They look good on one page - I have never got around to typing them out like this, being lazy as they are now two well-worn pages in War Games.

    1. Yes just seen your article on this subject on your blog , great simple rules , Tony