Friday, 25 November 2016

Gazing at my Wargaming Navel.

It that time of year when I start thinking about were I'm going with my hobby in the forthcoming year -  then totally forget the pronouncements I've made and go off on a completely different tangent !. But I find it interesting to look back and smile wryly to myself . Last year I said "no new projects!" - well that lasted about five minutes ! but I did finish off my 28mm Napoleonic collection . As I get older I don't like learning new rule sets - so I plan to stick to the ones I like - and can remember (TSATF , Black Powder, SOBAH etc ). I play most of my games solo and the games have to 'flow' so to get them finished and not sputter to a halt when boredom sets in half way through . We are all familiar with the term 'page turners' when talking about books (and in my case these tend not to be 'high literature' category) and I find some wargames are 'page turners' - when you can't wait to start the next move and if there's a break in the play you can remember were you were and pick up the flow without a problem . Amongst my top 'Page Turner Wargaming Rules' are TSATF , SOBAH and anything Old School and because of this I find myself playing these rules more and more whilst others fall by the wayside .So I'll end my ramblings with a few photos of my latest 'Page Turner' - Featherstone WW2 .

The reverse periscope - essential for OS WW2 .

The view through it .

The action hots up - the dice with each unit denotes the order of activation .

A Sherman gets the drop on a distant Tiger tank . Sadly my camera batteries died half way through the game . The rules were very entertaining and quick - 'Page Turners' !


  1. The reverse periscope! Magnificent. Did you have one knocking around ready for deployment or is it freshly made?

  2. Bought it a couple of years ago at a show from 1st Corps

  3. I did something similar with my phone for a play by email Napoleonics game.

  4. Ron broke out his periscopes for our 54mm wwii game but I couldn't focus the cameta through it.

    SOBAH ? I'll probably kick myself but I can't decipher the Acronym.

    1. Songs Of Blades And Heroes, skirmish/fantasy rules, I should use the periscope more often very handy, Tony