Sunday, 14 December 2014

Return to 'Old School Madness' *

Just started painting up my next 40mm  SYW-ish  regiment using Prince August moulds , here we see the first two members of what will be the Brunswick Regt. Von Zastrow with a suitable seasonal backdrop .

I came across my collection of Phil Olley's ' The Classic Wages Journal' whilst looking for something else , it's a shame this fine magazine had a short life and I looked through them and came across a article on the 'Battle of Spurlash Down' - a sequel to the classic 'Blasthoff Bridge' .

The set up for the battle in the magazine .

My own attempt at the terrain for the battlefield - Hodge is pointing out I haven't got the curve of the River Blast just right ! . So my plan is to re fight this battle using the 'Charge' rules and a report of it will appear in my next posting . 
* a quote attributed to my wargames colleague 'A'  


  1. Ooooh good. Looking forward to the battle report.

  2. Better watch out . . . I have heard that Hodge is a very tough opponent.

    -- Jeff

    1. Not sure about that - dab hand at chewing trees though ! , Tony