Sunday, 21 December 2014

Brunswick Regt. Von Zastrow and a couple of 'Shandian' Characters.

Have pushed on and got the first company of my Brunswick infantry regiment done spurred on by the recent battle using my 40mm SYW-ish figures . I find that playing with a figure collection gets me wanting to paint more .

The yellow shafted pole-arms are my own invention - sick of painting boring brown ones ! - and the Prussians used coloured ones  . As the weather is rather cold , wet and grey I think I will be waiting for the new year and better weather before venturing out to my shed to cast up some more.

I've also finished off these couple of characters from the novel 'Tristram Shandy' . Parson Yorick on the left and Doctor Slop on the right . Both have been sat on my painting tray for ages , they are converted 40mm 'Sash and Saber' figures from their FIW range - Dr Slop could have been a bit fatter I think .


  1. Excellent troops, and I love the characters. Dr. Slop is brilliant (is that a home sculpted wig?).

    1. It is a 'green stuff' wig , did try and add a rather fat belly to him - but it didn't look right , Tony

  2. Agreed! Great figures and painting for both the unit and characters. 40mm just has that certain something about it.

    Best Regards,