Saturday, 6 December 2014

Papal Army 1860 , First Regiment.

Well I've started painting up my Papal Army for the Italian War of Independence (Risorgimento) , this is the 1st Battalion 'Native' (Italian) Chasseurs .

The Papal Army was an interesting mix of 'Native' and 'Foreign' battalions , the 'Native' ones were recruited from the subjects of the Pope and 'Foreign' from Swiss, Austrian and other foreign mercenaries .

The figures are again Irregular , there is little information on the colours carried by these regiments and I believe only three survive in museums - and none on the Internet to be copied : (  . So I sat down and spent an evening cut and pasting and playing with 'Paint' on the computer and managed to come up with the above standard - which I'm rather proud of as it turned out better than I thought it would !.


  1. What a wonderful unit and standard! The mid-19th century had so many colorful things about it. A shame we don't see more in miniature on tabletops.

    Best Regards,


    1. Must admit I'm rather taken with the Papal army - not the most efficient but rather 'cute' in it's own way. Tony