Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pre Christmas Game .

Had a Pre-Christmas game with 'A' this week as he's away in places foreign over the Festive period . (the 40 mm SYW-ish game promised is to follow) We decided on 10mm AWI  and to use the successful 'Black Powder' rules . Here is the initial set up British on the far left - Americans to the right holding the hill .

The American battle lines - militia in the front and the Continentals in the second line.

My American Dragoons charge the 4th Foote in an attempt to hold up 'A's attack on the left - this worked quite well but unfortunately it was the high point of my game as things went down hill from then on .

'A' uses the purpose made measuring stick to plot his next move.The little flag markers record the Staff Rating of the Generals .

My cavalry is forced to retreat and 'A' managed to roll up my left flank .

The British artillery which wreaked havoc in the American Militia . A good game even though I lost , the rules worked well and allowed us to fight the battle in a couple of hours even with the usual chit-chat and cups of tea . The figures are 10mm (well really 12mm) from Kallistra.


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