Thursday, 21 May 2020

Featherstone on the tabltop ( part 3 )

The Prussian reserves come onto the table, a unit of Bavarians followed by some Wurtenburgers .

Not a moment too soon as the Prussian infantry on the ridge are taking heavy casualties from French musketry.

The Prussian infantry fail a couple of morale tests and vacate the hill .

The victorious Turcos advance and take the enemy position .

The French reinforcements arrive (in sepia ) .

Things go badly wrong for the Prussians , the Bavarians are forced to take a morale test having received heavy losses from the French artillery and flee - which took them off the table . I stopped the game at this point to save more Prussian humiliation .

The Prussian General Staff discuss where it all went wrong . Another good game (well not for the Prussians ! ) , I must get my jumble of notes together and sort out a new playsheet for these rules . 


  1. All very enjoyable to read Tony as I guess it was to play!

  2. Great stuff - thanks for the vintage pictures - it was sneaky of the French to attack in sepia.

  3. Excellent post Tony- A bad outing for the Prussians - with Victory to the French- do like the inclusion of the 'Sepia' photo- all very Old School- delightful. Cheers. KEV.

  4. Great stuff Tony, of all the cool things you do these are my favourite.

  5. I thought for a moment the sun had set draining the colour from our sight.

    Great game but bad timing for me.

    I am trying to figure out if I want this next game to be this sort of old school with regiments or Morschauser old school with each 'company' stand being a unit, that side had been edging ahead but this hasn't helped their case.

  6. A lovely looking and sounding game Tony...
    Of course now I want to dig out those Spencer Smith Classic French Grenadiers of the Guard and Bavarians and put some paint on them...😂

    All the best. Aly

    1. They are very nice figures and don't need basing as they stand up on their own bases - unusual for figures nowadays .