Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Christmas comes early .

I've been selling things on eBay and when I saw that the  Command & Colors Napoleonic base game was being re-issued I thought I'd better spend some of the money and get a copy quickly when I saw one . The thing I have noticed since I started playing and buying C&C board games is that some of them don't seem to be on sale long and disappear till the next print run which could be in a couple of years or more . Having bought it I was going to save it for Christmas BUT being an adult (I do class myself as an adult ignoring the frequent childish lapses) I decided to open it and start stickering up the wooden blocks ready for 'A' calling round for one of our 'gentlemen that lunch' games this week .


  1. An excellent choice by Santa :-)

  2. Oh the joy of the stickers but then of course you'll have to upscale it and use miniatures!

  3. Now you've opened it you'll need to buy yourself another present to open at Christmas.