Friday, 29 November 2019

A frosty morning walk .

Sorry for the lack of content of late , we've been on holiday to the Peak District , the weather was not bad - for November, however everything was very wet under foot  and most of our walks were through inches of mud . Back to normal now and my wife dropped me (and the dog) off this morning on her way to work and we walked home via Sizergh fell . Here is Charlie posing on a prehistoric burial mound - it was very very frosty ! .

Here we see another poor photo of the burial mound - I always wonder why my wife is less than impressed by these REALLY interesting landscape features dismissing them as "another one of your bumps in the grass" *- probably cos she's a girl !? .

Charlie pauses in his pursuit of rabbits when he realises I am stopping for breakfast.

It was a rather crushed toast and peanut butter sandwich and two broken digestive biscuits washed down by black tea - I did share with him .

The sun rises .

and a little higher .

Sizergh Castle peeps through the trees , originally a pele tower 14th century I think . 

This walk I seem to have a thing about sunrises , out of the sun it was freezing . 

Glad it was frosty at least it froze the mud . 

Your correspondent with seasonal embellishment (I need longer arms for a convincing 'selfie' ) . Busy cleaning up lots of figures ready for painting , more about this next post.
*I should post some of my very interesting photos of these - that would be fun wouldn't it ?


  1. Looks like a lovely walk. Do Charlie's paws get cold on your walks?

    Best Regards,


    1. Don't think so ' he has never complained as such : )

  2. A lovely post. Reminds me of early morning walks with my constant companion and family dog.

  3. Very interesting and frosty photos of this mornings landscape- nice selfie. 'Digestives' sounds good- were they 'McVities'? They are nice.

  4. Excellent post... I always like to see the countryside round your way, and as a fellow barrow botherer I can sympathize when other halves just don't get it.

  5. Beautiful winter sunshine. And more miles past your annual thousand ...

    1. Yes the weather is brilliant at the moment , I'm aiming for 1200 miles but not sure if I'll make it.

  6. A splendid looking walk Tony...
    Unfortunately these days the furthest I walk is to the bus stop... And it is usually raining...
    I do like this time of year when there is a frost on the ground...

    All the best Aly

    1. I love frosty mornings find them invigorating bit a bit chilly : )