Friday, 17 April 2015

The Attack On Fort Blucher ( Part 1)

Spurred on by my resent re-postings of my O.S. Franco- Prussian War collection I've decided to play a game using them . I'm also trying out an experiment using cards to activate units - more of this as the game progresses . In the centre of the table is a Prussian fort mounting a heavy Krupp's Howitzer which they are using to bombard the French positions , it is guarded by a unit of infantry who's tented camp can be seen by the road . The French task is to launch a surprise attack to knock out the gun and ammunition store.

A contemporary photo of 'Fort Blucher' taken from a French balloon .

An old French lady is found wandering near the fort ans is brusquely ordered away by the guards .

Little do the Prussians know ! - she is a French spy sent by the local  Franc-Tireurs and she reports her findings back to them . A plan is hatched ! and a small French force is sent to aid the Franc-Tireurs in a daring dawn attack.

The French force comprising of Zouaves and Turco's move into position behind a wooded hill .

As dawn breaks they move forward , but are spotted by a Prussian sentry ! ( I diced to see if the French were spotted and the Prussians got VERY lucky !!!!) .

The camp is awakened and they rush from their tents to defend the fort !.

The Prussians form up to defend against the French attacks . On the left the Franc-Tireurs can be seen sneaking up the road by the barn being used as an ammo dump , the other side of the barn the French Chasseur D' Afrique move forward and take a casualty from the Prussians firing line . Too be continued.......


  1. Great stuff - what do you use to take your pictures?

    1. A Canon IXUS 105 , not really a camera person - more a snapper , bought because it was in a sale - small and handy , Tony

  2. Exciting start and perfectly Old School look.

  3. I rather unintelligently deleted the comment with your email address in it. Could you contact me at conradkinch at gmail and you know the rest?

  4. Replies
    1. Nice to get the figures out again to play with, Tony

  5. Replies
    1. Hopefully play some more this weekend - if the gardening doesn't get in the way , Tony

  6. The table and the figures look very fine. I look forward to more.