Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Portrait of The Author as a Young Man.

 When tidying up my wargaming room (an ongoing and not very successful enterprise) I came across this old photo of a game I took part in about 24 years ago . It was a game our group of wargaming friends put on at - I think- Spring Militaire, of the battle of Philips St Norton during the Monmouth rebellion . The LMMS sign was the now defunct Lakes Military Modelling Society where we all originally met - we were the wargaming arm of the society . The figures were Dixon , the scenery homemade (the cloth a home dyed sheet) (which faded almost at once !) and the rules our own adaption from some AWI  rules called 1776 (?!) . I think we won 2nd prize - there was only 3 games that year , third place went to some teenagers doing a Warhammer Fantasy game , who won I  cannot remember. The players are from left to right - 'R' ,'C' , 'S', and myself - looking VERY dapper in waistcoat and muttonchop whiskers (sadly tinged with grey now - well my beard is ). Its alarming how young we all look , only I have kept my boyish figure ! ........ (sic)


  1. Nothing like old photos to bring back the good memories- of friends and games of the past. I have some photos like this going back thirty years- though I'm not in them- but my old friends are. KEV....p.s. Any chance of pics of Your 15mm Peter Laing - Crimea Armies...Tony?

  2. Will take some photos of the Peter Laing stuff next , Tony

  3. 24 years doesn't seem so long ago. Not as old as 1776 which came out for the bicentennial 39 yesrs ago. Same publisher as Junta.

    Good picture! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I bought my copy from a game store in London (probably long since gone ) and used them a lot at the time , used percentage dice ( the big thing then ) , I do believe I've still got them , Tony

  4. Those are seriously cool whiskers...

  5. Sadly tinged with grey now ,Tony