Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Oh No ! Not Another New Project !?

I bought these rules several weeks ago ( at 'A's insistence ! ) and having read through them twice are rather impressed with the system !. Of course I don't need a new project - BUT - when has that ever stopped me ! ( when it comes to wargaming I'm like a 5 year old at Christmas !!) , and I noticed that North Star have some rather attractive deals on linked to these rules so I took the plunge !. 

After a delay ( North Star are not the speediest of mail order ) the parcel containing my two retinues arrive this morning . Each of the forces have a number of units comprising of either 6 mounted or 12 foot figures pointed up to total a 24 point retinue . Now begins the task of cleaning up the castings ,gluing them together and sticking them to bases .

I've got the first two units done , some bowmen and a unit of crossbowmen . Over the next day or two I should get the rest done and spray them with undercoat all at once . I have great hopes for this protect as it is limited in the number of figures needed and thus has an end point . I will report on my progress soon . 


  1. After seeing so many glowing reviews of "Lion Rampant" and enjoying quite a number of game AARs, I too purchased them . . . and I'm also impressed and am building some retinues.

    Looks like a very enjoyable set of rules.

    -- Jeff

    1. I'm looking forward to painting the figures - have not painted any Medieval figures for ages , Tony