Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Silk Purses from Sows Ears Part 2.

Several weeks ago I posted that I was going to paint up some plastic Spencer Smith ACW figures for my Old School project and having reach the front of my painting queue I now present the 4th Michigan for my Union force . (see  
http://tonystoysoldiers.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/O.S.%20ACW )

For the Confederate force I have painted them up as the Charleston Zouave Cadets , historically I don't think this unit got bigger than an odd company or so and its doubtful if they wore this uniform in action - however this being Old School I do not feel constrained by history - and they look very pretty and brighten up my otherwise rather dull Rebel force. 

In homage to my wargaming past the 2 units have been displayed on this book , published in 1970 I bought it with one of my first pay cheques when I started work that year - it was and still is a brilliant book as a starter for the ACW and it opened the world of ACW Zouaves etc to me . As you can see it's taken its fair share of paint over the years - a veteran in every sense !. 

I could not afford the hard backed edition as my starting wage was £5 before stoppages and paying my mother board and lodgings . A piece of my wargaming history - I get a bit misty eyed over it - 'sniff !'


  1. Great figures and I still have the Almark book on the shelves beside me as I type this.
    My dad bought it for me to help me paint up my Airfix chaps.I still refer to it too.

  2. I like both of these units. I have been thinking of doing a unit inspired by the Charleston Cadets as well.


  3. Silk Purses indeed! No Reb army is complete without red kepis.

    Ah Almark! Wonderful books. And to think Mike is still an active wargame, converter and painter.

    1. Yes he appears regularly at the Reading show with a participation game using 54mm figures , he did a companion book on the cavalry but never got around to the artillery one.