Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bronze Age Warfare .

Things have been a bit topsy turvy here at the moment as my wife has managed to break her ankle , so yours truly is now chief cook and bottle washer as she hobbles around on crutches with her leg in plaster . This means I have to walk the dog twice a day , not that I mind as I do my best thinking whilst doing this sort of thing . I was contemplating my present wargaming situation and trying to decide which way it should go - which periods to enlarge on and which to get rid of as I don't play them , or see myself playing them in the future . 

I have a large collection of Foundry European Bronze Age figures , bought when Foundry did some very tempting deals . I've always been interested in the Bronze Age and Prehistory in general - in my youth I took part in many archaeological excavations . These figures are 90 % finished and I was wondering what to do with them .

I feel very attached to these figures and didn't want to dispose of the collection - but what to do with them ?, I'm not drawn to any of the modern sets of Ancients rules and I thought - why not write my own set !?.

This sounds rather grand ! but what it really means is that I'm going to pinch bits from other sets of rules I like . Featherstone's set of Ancient rule would be a good  starting point , but I like variable movement distances  so the movement system from TSATF  would be a likely candidate . I want to keep things simple - using D6 and individual casualty removal .

Troop types would be Cavalry , Chariots , Infantry and Skirmishers and Hero figures would command the unit and help motivate them . I've got some ideas in my head which I will get down on paper and try out , I will report my finding in the next post .


  1. I hope your wife feels better soon and it sounds like you are doing a splendid job,well done!
    This sounds most exciting as a project. I have a number of these figures too and am most fond of them. My head was turned by seeing Lur horns etc in the National Museum of Denmark years ago...
    The foundry figures are great and I look forward to seeing what rules you come up with.I would love to try them out with my chaps...

  2. My best wishes for a speedy and smooth healing fir you wife. I like the look of these. The period has drawn me since getting Saxtorph s Warriors and Weapons but I've never indulged.

    I think your early plans sound very promising.

  3. Saxtorph s Warriors and Weapons ,nostalgia indeed and up on the shelf here as I type...

    1. Ah ! the book 'that launched a thousand armies ' !

  4. Sorry to hear of Mrs. Mosstrooper's indisposition....hope she mends soon. I had an idea to form a few small bronze age tribes using 1/72 figures, based on various sites/finds round here (Windmill Hill at Avebury, Compass inn at Tormarton etc) and use Songs of Blades and Heros for rules. Great painting anyhow, I look forward to seeing developments.

  5. Very nice! I've been doing Bronze Age wargaming using Monolith 40mm figures using "Song of Blades and Heroes" rules. I like your ideas for rules, neat and simple, but I have too few 40mm figures to pull them off. I'm almost tempted to start a 28mm project...