Thursday, 28 August 2014

Literary Victory !.

Well I've finished reading 'Tristram Shandy' - phew !! - not easy but I've completed it , something I've been trying to do for years . I found there was enough interesting stuff amongst his wilder flights of fancy to keep me engaged , I formed a strong liking to his Uncle Toby and Corporal Trim and their excavation of the bowling green to play out the various continental sieges - the first effort at wargaming ? . The humour is of the age it was written and some of it is maybe lost on a modern audience , the accidental circumcision of Tristram as a child as he pees out the bedroom window by the falling sash window - The lead counter weights and pulley wheels had been removed by Corporal Trim to cast up miniature cannon for their reconstruction of the siege of Namur - I found hilarious and as a home caster I applaud his ingenuity !. Now is there room in our back garden for a siege ?!.


  1. Well done...must warn my kids of the dangers of window piddling.