Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bronze Age Warfare rules test (Part2)

Reinforcements in the form of cavalry arrive . I think Bronze Age cavalry would be used in a light role - here we see them circling to bombard the enemy warriors , casualties from missile fire was quite high - thinking for giving them limited ammunition .

The command and control seem to work not to badly , am thinking of limiting it even more by making Leaders/Heroes actually having to be in contact with units to affect them . In Command = roll movement dice and re-roll lowest dice (cannot roll worse), Out of Command = roll movement dice and re-roll best dice (cannot roll better) . Example - Skirmish unit In Command distance rolls 3D6 - say 3-4-6 , re-roll worse dice 3 (ignore lower roll) , gets a 5 = 15"move. Same unit Out of Command distance rolls 3D6 say 2-5-5 , re-roll best dice 5 (ignore higher roll) , gets a 2 = 9"move.

The warband charges the cavalry , I allowed the cavalry and skirmishers to make an evade move if they had not already moved that turn (using ordinary movement dice) - they would be wise not to get to close to the enemy. 

The Clan of the Red Pig's Warband charges the enemy . I used the system from Featherstone's book to fight the melee , 2 ranks can fight - 1 point per figure - roll a dice per 5 points , Example 20 figures = 4 D6 - which roll say 2-5-4-3 = 14 , half the result = 7 casualties - these can make saving throws .

The result of the combat , each side rolls a D6 X remaining number of figures , looser must retreat 1 move (drawn combats continue next move).

The skirmishers are pushed back to the Shrine and Clan Broc is near victory - they have not noticed the newly arrived reinforcements on their flank.

The overview of the battlefield .

Clan Broc's warband on the right has been pushed back again , so the Leader/Hero dismounts from his Chariot to rally them . Units that drop below 50% will not advance and retire if out of command radius .

On the next move a red token is drawn first and the warband charges into the flank of the Clan Broc warband ! . Under the Featherstone system Flank and Rear attacks can be devastating , you roll a D6 = 5,6 - fight as usual , 4 -half unit fight half flees (5 or 6 to save fleeing figures) , 3 whole unit flees (5 or 6 to save fleeing figures) , 2 or 1 whole unit is cut down and lost. This brought Clan Broc's army to below 50 % and so they loose the game . I've been scribbling notes as I played the game so there will be modifications , I will be playing another game to try them out soon. 


  1. Agree re cav.
    Keep going I really think you are onto something...

    1. Will be setting up another play test soon - at the moment 'real life' is intervening, Tony