Sunday, 15 September 2019

Back into the '45'

After quite a while I've started painting up some more figures for my '45' project . These bases of Highland skirmishers have been blacked up and awaiting painting for a couple of months so I thought I had better get them done . They are still a work in progress needing varnishing and the bases painting and flocking .They are a mixture of 'Strelets' and 'Red Box' figures in 20mm - 1/72nd scale . I've got most of the Jacobite army done only needing a couple of cavalry bases and the odd leader or two , the Government forces need more - another Regiment of Foote and Dragoons . Hopefully when I return from holiday I will make a start on them .


  1. I like your '45' Project. Have a great Holiday- will catch up on your return.

    1. Nice to get back into it , took reading matter on the subject on holiday as well.