Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sunday Afternoon .

Well it is a beautiful sunny day but I'm bothered by hay fever so I'm inside watching England play in the World Cup and gluing Perry ACW plastic figures together . A lot of people don't like plastic figures because of having to glue the arms , weapons etc together - I find it very therapeutic (I did a lot of plastic kit building in my youth) , I got the boxes off Amazon with some birthday vouchers I was given and they will be used for 'Sharp Practise' . The metal ones are some that have been in storage for a couple of years and are finally seeing the light of day - England have just scored ! . The boxes are very good value having 40+ figures in them each of them and will provide two forces for 'Sharp Practise' - England have just scored again from a penalty ! . I must have painted hundreds of ACW figures over the last 40+ years (and probably sold half of them on) and I never tire of them , looking forward to starting on them and yes I know I should be really painting some of my other projects but what can I say - I'm a wargaming butterfly ! 


  1. Yes the Perry ACW figures are very good value. On being a 'Butterfly'- I tend to be a little like it though tend to do my wandering only on paper with a pencil and calculator - tend to stick with the one Project until it is completely finished.

    1. Sadly I have about 6 projects on the go at the present time and keep switching from one to the other as the whim takes me - but will get them done in time.