Thursday, 19 February 2015

Towards The End Of A Project.

I can always tell when I'm coming to the end of an army ( does one ever truly finish off an army ? ) - I start painting Generals and Staff . Here we see the Papal C in C General De La Moriciere and his second in command General De Pimodan . My C in C are on a larger base with an accompanying figure to distinguish them from the ordinary sub - generals .

I have re-based Garibaldi to fit in with this system .

I've painted up another of Garibaldi's commanders - this one is Nino Bixio and is a converted Irregular Hussar figure with an added Pelisse from 'Greenstuff' .

Another sign of a completed army is the painting of limbers for the artillery - I hate putting together and painting limbers ! - but when finished I do like having them and think they look good on the table top . 

P.S just remembered that I've not quite finished my Papal Army as I've got another Line Infantry unit to do ! .


  1. Old armies are never finished they merely acquire limbers...

    ...and vivandieres.

    1. I wonder if the Papal army had Vivandiers ? - they certainly should have ! , Tony

  2. Very fine painted figures and beautiful set, again! Will the commanders get some troops soon?
    The ruin is also fantastic in the backtop.
    All the best, Peter

    1. The final batch of figures are being painted now , Tony