Friday, 2 January 2015

The First Game of 2015 .

I've decided to continue my re fighting of 'classic' wargame battles , this one being 'The Battle of Sawmill Village ' which was first fought by Charles Grant senior about 50+ years ago using ACW figures. I am going to use my 40 mm home cast SYW-ish figures and Battles in the Ancient Regime (BAR) for the rules. The British will come on nearest the camera (Red arrow) and the French far corner (White arrow), the object is to capture the village .

The British force moves onto the table , units are activated by drawing cards (red for the British , black for the French), the British have drawn the red Joker - this will allow them to interrupt the enemy when played later in the game . In the distance the French column is sighted.

The British 18th Regiment of Foote (Royal Irish) lead the advance .

The French move towards the village past the sawmill lead by the Regiment Orleans , supported by a gun and the Swiss Regiment Castellas . 

I include this photo for the benefit of my gaming colleague 'A' who was intrigued by my headgear in a previous photo - it was purchased about 30 years ago in Shetland and has resurfaced in my wardrobe as the dog chewed a hole in my last hat ! . The photo taken locally on Whitbarrow Scar sees the author clutching the map trying to find his location and not give the impression of being lost to his spouse(and dog).

Speaking of strange hats and spouses here is Mrs 'K' with an alarming hat that the dog SHOULD chew ! . A further situation report of the battle will follow. All the best for the New Year. 


  1. Good start to the game...and I was intrigued by your hat too it has to be said.

  2. Looks like a good start to a fun game. The Prince August figures are very appealing.