Monday, 26 January 2015

Similar - But Different !.

This weekend I went to visit the local Model Railway Club's show , I've always been interested in railways (my father worked for B.R. for 30 years or so ) and even had a train set as a child . The two hobbies of Wargaming and Model Railways have much in common with the modelling aspect of things and everybody likes toy trains !.

But they differ in the complexity of scenic terrain , because model railway layouts are mostly static the level of scenery can be greater , very taken by how the foreground merges with the background in this set up .

The detail of the landscape is amazing - the amount of work that has gone into the layouts !.

Love that tunnel .

There were clubs from all over the North of England with their layouts and there were a selection of traders sell Model Railway products .

Many of the set ups were based on actual stations and landscapes .

The amount of detail is awe inspiring .

Just waiting to get some toy soldiers onto the table .

Of course the difference is that wargaming scenery has to be removed and put into boxes ready for the next game and most of the scenic items for Model Railways is to delicate for this . I came away impressed by the level of modelling and devotion to the hobby and it has made me think that I should take a bit more effort in my scenery next time I play a game.


  1. I agree that some layouts seen at shows can beggar belief, even to furnished interiors in buildings. If you ever get the chance, visit Pendon museum in Oxfordshire, where there is the most incredible layout (that's not the word for it) that was begun back in the middle of the last century and due for completion in about 20 years!

    1. I'm always tempted with model railways - but one obsession is enough ! , Tony

  2. Must admit that I do own a Hornby set with plans that one day I may have the time for a rural English layout. Inspiring stuff.

    1. Was very impressed with the 'N' gauge - would fit into a smaller area , Tony