Sunday, 13 September 2020

A new wargaming cloth .

I've just been on holiday and before I left I ordered a new 6' x 4' cloth for my table , my old felt cloth was showing its age after about 20 years of service so I cast about for a new one .

Technology has moved on since I last bought a cloth and this new one is a sort of 'teddy bear' fur without the fur as it where . It's about 4" over the stated size which is useful as it allows you to build up hills under it . I decided not to go for the 'grassy' one - this is the  'Rocky Grass' version which  I preferred  . Here we see a column of Mexicans moving across the table about to be ambushed by the Texicans .

You can see how it drapes over the terrain under it , It was not cheap , but compared to the price of figures well worth it . I ordered it from , it was posted very promptly and sent post free so I'm a happy bunny ! 




  1. Very nice purchase, It works well with your figures. I'm a great fan of the modern terrain cloths.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you , when not doing O.S. I do like hills under a cloth and the trees seem to blend in as well .

  3. The NEW cloth helps to decipher the Hills in the photos.