Monday, 6 April 2020

The Bridge on the River Qwhy . (part 1)

At the same time as the Hellenyk Republic was declared an attack was made on the vital railway bridge on the River Qwhy . This rail link is vital to the Sublime Porte if it wishes to bring up troops to attack the new Republic and bring it to heel again . Vital though it is, it is only guarded by one unit of the Albanian Border Force and a small unit  of Dag Tufekcileri (Irregular riflemen) who are based at the redoutbt guarding the bridge .


The attackers are commanded by the radical Bishop Makarios , who is aided by a shadowy individual going by the name of Major Morris Oxford , who with the aid of his man servant Stavros aim to plant an 'infernal device' and blow the bridge up so preventing any swift movement of enemy troops . Because it would not be politic to use regular Fetaland Hellenyk troops the attackers are a motely force of 'Black Hand' revolutionaries ,2 units of 'Garibaldi Volunteers' and an unit the 'Sportsman Rifles' (a Hellenic militaristic shooting club) .

The 'Black Hand' rush forward to attack the bridge .

The defenders signal for help .

The attack starts , nearest the camera , the 'Black Hand' to the right the Sportsman Rifles dash for the copse of trees and in the distance the 2 units of 'Garibaldi Volunteers' move in column down the rail tracks towards the bridge . Part 2 to follow shortly ......

The Western 'yellow press' rally to the aid of the Hellenyk Republic .


  1. “There May be trouble ahead...”

  2. stirring stuff, the Black Hand look like a desperate bunch of ruffians!

  3. Great looking game Tony. Will the Major's cousin, Austin Cambridge, being making an appearance?