Thursday, 11 October 2018

Old School Meets New .

I have got my copy of 'Black Powder' version 2 and decided to try it out using my newly re-based Spencer Smith figures and with the aid of  my wargaming colleague  'A' . Having glanced through the new book not much has changed and certain things explained better.

I set the terrain up and deployed the Austrians , the Prussian have to deploy on the other side of the river and cross and exit the board on one of the roads opposite .

The Austrian Commander and female 'companion' (had he paid more attention to his battle plan and less on the fairer sex he would have maybe done better).

The Prussian General unencumbered by girlfriend.

'A' deploys his troops and in the first couple of moves things do not go well for him - rolling two blunders and a series of poor command rolls , things were looking rosy for the Austrians .

Then things started to unravel, the leading Prussian battalion opened fire at close range and scored triple sixes ! - not good in any set of rules for the target  .

The Austrian battalion is shaken with excessive casualties and fails its moral test and flees ! . The Austrian left flank was overwhelmed and driven back finally leaving the table.

'A' is triumphant ! and mocks my discomfort !.

The Prussian cavalry cross on the right bridge and dominate the centre of the table having driven off the Austrian cavalry. Notice they are deployed directly in front of the Austrian artillery who couldn't hit a barn door ! .

The Prussian right flank Brigade having driven off the enemy move forward to capture the road exits and the objective of the game. After a poor start the Prussian attacks went home and the Austrians failed to respond thence losing the game. The game played in about one and half hours over seven moves and as always 'Black Powder' delivered . In the heat of the action we forgot about looking for any difference in the rules which I'm going to read through properly now.


  1. Nice to see the art of gloating is still alive in the North West. Good looking game.

    1. Yes ! just previous to this he had his head in his hands bemoaning his troops lack of progress !

  2. I very nice looking game Tony...
    I probably should get a copy of the rules myself...
    Are they any better laid out than the first edition?

    All the best. Aly

    1. I got them because I like new shinny things , don't think they are any better laid out and there is at least one rules table in the wrong place - have these people never heard of proof reading ? .