Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The World Reacts To The Burning Of Neuchatel.

The Worlds press reacts to the Prussian burning and massacre at Neuchatel . The Prussian C in C Von Mooke  is christened 'The Butcher Of Neuchatel' . Later unbiased research found that the village was probably set on fire by the shells from the artillery and not by design . In fact in his memories ( Meine Erinnerungen an den späten Krieg) he laments the fact that the village caught fire as there was no accommodation of the wounded . However there were reports of the bayoneting of wounded and surrendering French Franc- Tireurs . 


  1. Ah truth, the first casualty of war!

  2. Fake news?
    (Although I must say I am now tempted to grow a moustache just to get some of that lovely wax. The power of the press!)

  3. Oh well done!

    (Oh dear, I shall have to start thinking about upping my battle report game!)

  4. I've to much spare time (luckily the weather has prevented gardening tasks)