Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Winner !.

I never win anything ! - as my dear wife points out "you have to take part to win !"- which is true , I'm not in the least competitive , I can't be bothered - in fact the only thing I've won was the 'Golden Goal' completion at our local football club - £10 I think , but all I had to do was buy a ticket as we entered the ground (the club seems to give the task of selling these tickets to the most winsomest young lady - which helps with the sales from mainly male attendee's) .

So when I got an email from a model/gaming shop saying I had won the above boxed game I was somewhat nonplussed !? . Then I remembered 'liking' them on Facebook - you know the sort of promotional type thing - the first 50 people to 'like' our site gets put into a draw and we pull a winner out . Being the low hung fruit of competiveness involving only a 'click' with the mouse I'd taken part and promptly forgot about it ! . I must admit I've never heard of 'Deadzone' but a internet search reveals that it is a Sci-Fi / post apocalyptic type game with plastic minis and terrain - perhaps not the sort of thing I would have bought myself , but seeing its free I'll give it a try .


  1. Well done.... be interesting to see what it's like.

    1. Bit like 'Necromunda' I think , Tony