Wednesday, 27 July 2016

4th Light Dragoons .

The problem with the British cavalry in the Crimea is that there wasn't much of it ! , setting off for the Crimea the had to borrow horses from other regiments to bring them up to strength . Then they lost a lot of horses on the transport ships due to sickness and bad seas - so when they arrived at their destination the Light Brigade numbered under a thousand animals , this meant that each regiment numbered only about 200 men and horses . Translated onto the wargaming table this means that under 'Black Powder' the 4th Lt. Dragoons count as a 'small' unit .


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    1. In wargaming terms I wish the allies took more cavalry with them to the Crimea, Tony

  2. Agreed. I have never understood why additional horses weren't purchased along the way, say, in Bulgaria or Turkey ad shipped a much shorter distance to the campaign area. Your light dragoons look very nice by the way.

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  3. Think they tried purchasing horse but the local ones were very poor quality . Turkish Bashi Bazooks were recruited but proved worse than useless (have a box of plastic ones which will appear in due course). The British high command were paranoid about losing their cavalry - hence 'keeping them in a band box' , Tony

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    1. Thanks bit simpler than Hussars, finishing off Lancers at the moment, Tony

  5. Superbly painted and presented Cavalry- Well done Tony.

    1. Thanks, nice Strelets figures, Tony