Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Painting Semi-Flat Figures (Parte One)

Some while ago somebody enquire how I go about painting my 40mm Prince August semi-flat figures and as I'm about to paint up three French drummers I thought this would be a good opportunity to illustrate the process . I undercoat the figures black and then paint the areas of flesh and woodwork a dark brown - in this case I also paint the drum skins as well.

I then do any belts or straps followed by the cuffs and turn-backs , sort of working from the outside inwards . I also use a darker shade of the finished colour hence the grey for white areas and a dark red for the cuffs and turn-backs .

I then block in the coat colour , leaving a slight gap between the other colours to show the black undercoat .

I then do the drum trying to leave the drum ropes black . This also illustrates how semi-flat the older Prince August figures are , by using a very dramatic shading system I hope to give them an enhanced 3D  look.

I then add the flesh paint and touch up the black on the hat and sword scabbard etc. Hmm ! this is the first time I've closely looked at the process of painting these figures and at this stage it don't look promising , hopefully the next stage of highlighting will help . Part Two to follow ........


  1. Good post..... I usually work from the inside out, so it's interesting to see it done the other way. I've not tried semi-flats yet.

  2. I find it helps with the shading on semi-flats , Tony