Thursday, 5 November 2015

Larry Brom R.I.P.

I've just noticed on the TMP site that Larry Brom has passed away , Larry was the author of the Colonial wargaming rules 'The Sword And The Flame'- a set of rules that must rate as one of my favourites . In my eyes he was one of the greats of the wargaming scene and as a small tribute to him I would like to post a game that I played using' TSATF ' .

The Sword and the Flame in North Africa.

Its several years since I visited the Sahara - in miniature of course ! so I got out my copy of TSATF  and set up a game for something a bit different.
It is a dawn raid on a Arab village by a French column comprising of 3 companies of Senegalese Tirailleurs and a Mountain Gun -facing them 2 Arab foot units and 3 mounted units (generated by a dice throw).
The French force advances in the early dawn .
They are ready for the attack !.
Help is on the way !
The Tirailleurs come under fire from the village .
The Mountain Gun moves up in support .
The French open fire !.
An event card is drawn - the fight hots up ! 

The Arab cavalry charge the French right flank unit - and die in vast numbers !
The Tirailleurs drive the Arabs from the village - their officer is wounded at the moment of  triumph .
The French set up their artillery .
The Arab cavalry is driven off .
The artillery range in on the Arab flanking force !
To compound their misery the Arabs draw a chance card and halt having thrown a '4' .
The Arab infantry rally after being driven out of the village and charge to retake it .
After a fierce melee they rout !
Another unit charges into the village and is mown down by disciplined volley's - the French at this point in the game threw exceptionally well !
With most of the Arab forces in retreat one of the cavalry units lost its leader and went berserk ! charging the French battery .
The lone surviving Arab managed to wipe out the Artillery crew and wound the CinC  (throwing +2 on dice) .
This hero then charged at a infantry unit and was cut down by their volley . A interesting game - the poor Arabs had some bad luck - their reinforcements did not arrive , the had little ammo and the French could not roll a dice wrong !. This has inspired me to get back into wargaming the Foreign Legion again , I must  point people to the following website- brilliant !-


  1. Nice game, well reported - an affectionate, attractive tribute. I must check out these rules - thanks for sharing this.

    1. They are a great fun set of rules , Tony

  2. A very fitting Tribute- well done Tony. Excellent photos of an equally excellent Battle and collection of superb Miniatures. Regards. KEV.

    1. Thank you I never met the man but he has had a great influence on my hobby , Tony

  3. Great rules...we used to have TSATF Zulu wars games in 1/72 down at the local club...brilliant fun.

    1. A set of rules that have stood the test of time , Tony

  4. Your battle reports are little gems, Tony, as are your soldiers. A very fine tribute.

    1. One of the great rule writers , Tony

  5. Great report. I too have been meaning to check out these rules as a replacement for Soldier's Companion and it's unsatisfying IgoUgo.

    1. Have heard of the 'Soldiers Companion' but not seen them , TSATF is a great set of rules , Tony