Friday, 20 March 2015

The Solar Eclipse - Or Rather The Lack Of It !

Well that's as good as it got for the Solar Eclipse ! , got up early and took the dog for a walk to witness this splendid event ,only to be foiled by the Lake District weather .

Just to make things worse - my wife took this photo yesterday ( of Coniston Old Man ) at a similar time of day ! - sometimes nature mocks us ! .


  1. Tony- Your photo of the Solar Eclipse looks very good - You have done well for a thickish cloudy morning...I wouldn't be disappointed with it.
    I seem to love a Full Moon on a reasonably cloudless night - I want to stay up all night when it's full. KEV.

    1. The media have been building this event up all week - and an hour after the sky is clear again !, Tony

  2. Great photos. Here at work it was cloudy, but we had a very eerie half light which confused the birds no end. I remember being hauled up Coniston Old Man by my folks as a child.