Sunday, 2 July 2017

Border Clash ( Parte The First ).

I've been re-reading 'BAR' (Batailles de l' Ancien Regime) and decided to give them another go but this time using the larger of the two ground scales to speed the game along . The forces have to capture the two objectives - the bridge and the windmill . 

'Windy' Miller and his son don't realise they are an objective !.

The Saxon Light Cavalry is commanded by Gen. Baron G. Wrangel, a Swede in the service of the French and his force comprises of the Saxon Hussars Von Schill and the Graf Renard Ulhans .

The Allies Cavalry is commanded by General Wartenburg who is accompanied by his faithful hound 'Moritz' . Scheither's Carabiniers lead the column followed by the Prussia  Ruesch Hussars

The Saxon force's Commander in Chief is General Moutors a capable young man (in his own estimation) (and an Irregular 40mm figure).

The Allies are commanded by General 'Jung Fritz' Swartzenburg , his striking resemblance to Frederick the Great is the cause of gossip that he is an illegitimate son by a youthful dalliance at the Saxon court with a Hungarian Countess !? .

The Saxon Lieb Garde Grenadiers cut across country to the stream and try and  capture the windmill .

The Brunswick Regiment Von Zastrow also leaves the road to move towards the objectives .

The Saxon Hussars cross the bridge and deploy but are charged by the Carabiniers and driven back .

The Saxon Hussars rout but Scheither's Carabiniers are disciplined enough not to pursue ! .

General Moutors attempts to rally the Hussars ! . Too be continued.............


  1. Nice looking game and scenario. I hope that you have fun with the rules, which I have played regularly since about 2005.

    Der Alte Fritz

    1. Finding the bigger movement scale speeds the game up ,ehich helps with solo play ,Tony

  2. Looks very jolly. A proper wargame indeed.

  3. Hmm I suspect the "Jung Fritz" rumours were started by his mother to cover a dalliance with an ordinary trooper of a Carabinier regiment or even a lowly musket toting dragoon!

    But a great looking game none the less.

    1. There is a strong resemblance , whatever the gossip !

  4. Interesting. I have the rules, but have never played them.

  5. I like them as they are quick and simple enough for solo play , very similar to Charge