Sunday, 12 June 2016

Revenge Of Le Legion !.

Thirsting for revenge Captain Cousteau gathers a force to recapture the ammunition supply stolen from him in the previous game . Two Companies of the Legion and a Mountain Gun .

The Spahis move to outflank the Arabs (the stack of pennies are their ammo supply).

The Arabs are defending the waterhole and reinforcements are on the way !.

Attici Ag Amellal is coming to help and save the captured ammunition for his own prestige .

The Legion deploy .

The first volley from the French kills the Arab leader and his warband goes berserk and charges the nearest French unit .

But they are cut down by withering fire from the Legion and only a couple of them reach the French , wounding the units Officer before perishing !.

The Legion move in to assault the village - 'Only the Bayonet !'

The Mountain gun has moved into position and opens fire on the Arab reinforcements .

A direct hit !.

The Spahis continue moving to cut off the Arab's retreat .

The Arab garrison flee the wrath of the Legion !.

The French drive the Arabs before them .

The Spahis charge into the rear of the Arab reinforcements .

The Spahis cut the Arabs down and they flee !.

Confusion reigns as the French close in and a stray shot brings down Mussa Ag Amastane , wounded he evades capture it is said by hiding under a pile of bodies .

The Legion shoot down the fleeing Arabs and only a fast horse saves Attici Ag Amellal from capture . The French have recaptured the camels with the ammunition and revenged their fallen comrades - also it has got Captain Cousteau off the hook ! . Another great game - I'm sure Attici Ag Amellal  'The Leopard amongst the enemy' will be back soon to get his own back ! .


  1. Those poor patriots never stood a chance!

    1. A series of bad dice rolls and the French got lucky, Tony

  2. Superb Scenario and battle- well documented Tony. Yes, great to see the French winning and the Commander vindicated. Do like your table set up and village-water hole. Regards. KEV

    1. Thanks,I enjoy playing these rules, Tony

  3. Replies
    1. Great game - enjoyed playing it , Tony

  4. Another cracking report. Well done!

  5. Fantastic stuff. I always wanted to do a Foreign Legion project but I've never got around to it.

  6. The French have a lot of exotic native troops as well, Tony