Sunday, 3 January 2016

Doing The Worthy Again & The First Game Of The Year.

Been away to my wife's family for the Christmas season and on returning decided to paint up some more Napoleonic figures as a worthy thing to do . So I picked out the first couple of boxes from the 'corner of shame' and these turned out to be the remaining guns and crews for my French and Austrians .

I'd taken my camera to immortalise the festivities and people have been fiddling with it and I'm not sure I've returned it properly to the original settings hence the less than brilliant photos of these guns and crews . I must say I rather enjoyed painting the four guns and accompanying figures so this bodes well for getting the rest of the figures done this year .

I then pondered what game was going to be the first of the New Year and decided on my old favourite of TSATF and the setting of the NWF . The scenario is for a couple of companies of the Borsetshires and a company of Gurkha's plus a Gatling gun to capture the Pathan village which is on a important cross roads , the opposition initially are a couple of Regular Afghan companies and a gun with further tribal reinforcements coming onto the table  .

The Regular Afghans in the village put up a stout resistance .

An action shot from behind the Gurkha's skirmish line .

The feared Afghan 'Highland Guards'  and artillery move up the road to the village.

A colour shot of them , the figures are by Foundry and shortly after painting these I found out that maybe the tunics should have been a dark green (sigh!)

The Borsetshires advance on the village in skirmish order under heavy fire  (the figures are a mixture of Foundry and Old Glory). I will post an update of this action later in the week.


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    1. One of the old county regiments , Tony

  2. You have been busy Tony- well done- like the gun smoke- adding atmosphere to the the last caption- very nice photo. KEV.

  3. Been messing with photo shop! :), Tony