Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Mini Project.

My wargaming colleague 'A' said - " are we going down to the Reading show this November ?" , we did this show last year and combined it with wargaming in our hotel room and lots of bad for you food ! (http://tonystoysoldiers.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/warfare-reading-2014.html ). One of the challenges was playing on a 2' X 4' table ( the maximum size we could use in the room ) so we were limited to which games could be taken to play . We thought this year we would take different games down to use and 'A' has a 'secret project X ' he is working on - so I wondered what I should take new this year ?. I'm a big fan of 'Lion Rampant' medieval skirmish rules - but this takes up to much room - however there are going to be a fantasy variant of them next year and I was thinking of painting up some figures for it  . I'd come across the 15 mm Copplestone Casting Fantasy range and really liked the figures and was going to use them for it , so I thought if I bought a few of them I could use them with the excellent 'Songs of Blades and Heroes' rules which came be used on a 2' X 2' board . The figures have arrive very quickly and are for 15mm very detailed ! .

The problem is 'A's prejudice to fantasy - it hasn't to be to 'far out' ! - I think he used the term 'histrofantasy' ie fantasy based on historic facts/periods , so I preposed a sort of Dark Age - Conan the Barbarian setting so I can sneak in the odd Troll - Witch etc ( and  giant bear see above) . The figures are rather nice and I'm looking forward to painting them - will only need a couple of dozen or so at present and they will make a change from all those 28mm Napoleonic figures.


  1. Yep, Conan should be ok for a 'not too keen on fantasy' bod (and perhaps LOTR?). These are great figures,, Copplestone must be a Conan/Frazetta fan the amount of these chaps in different scales he has produced. I'll keep an eye out for you at Warfare and ask how the game went.

  2. For 15mm they are very good indeed, will look out for you at the show, Tony